Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday... And I'm Finally Feeling Better!

It’s been a rather rough week. And the weekend hasn’t been a lot better. But this evening, I am finally feeling better!!!

I have had a rather slow, lazy day, simply lying about doing nothing. And I do mean NOTHING!

I slept till 9 this morning, and when I got up, I had a light breakfast. A cuppa with a single biscuit and some grape jelly. [By the way… they say that influenza is running rather rampant through the area right now… I am swearing by the honey and cinnamon tea I drink twice daily! I think that’s why I simply felt out of it for a few days rather than actually contracting influenza!]

After breakfast, I simply washed up the breakfast dishes and coffee pot, and then read my emails. Nothing more.

At noon I heated up some leftovers. Macaroni and tomatoes with a slice of Italian bread. While I ate lunch,

I watched Good Eats on The Cooking Channel.

Gotta love Alton Brown! Eve dh enjoys watching his antics, and lets me know when he sees something he wants me to cook.

After lunch, I laid down. I thought I would nap. However, I didn’t fall asleep. I simply laid there on the bed for about 2-hours. Rest….without sleep.
Three French Hens in progress

Then I got up and began knitting on the third of the 12-Days of Christmas dishcloths for our Etsy shop., while watching

Upstairs Downstairs on Netflix.

I broke to make dinner.

Tonight I had left over corn, some pork and beans and 2 Boca chicken patties.

So what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,246   [-194]
Carbs: 199g       [+1]
Fats: 25g            [-23]
Protein: 56g       [+2]
Sodium: 2,344mg [+844]

So…I managed to keep my caloric total within normal range. Slightly over on the carbs [almost on the mark!] Under for fats. Only slightly above on proteins. And not too far above on the sodium content. [I blame the biscuit this morning!] I feel pretty good about it!

And now? I’m heading back over to Netflix and watch a couple more episodes of Upstairs Downstairs! Care to join me?

Have a great evening everyone!!!

Me Today
The Dailey Scaley: 248.4
Lost to Date: -54.4 pounds

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