Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Mentionables - October 7-14, 2012

Following are some of the many, many blog posts which I found both entertaining and informational this past week,
Please take a few moments and look them over!

Make Spooky Skeleton Hand Votives
Dollar Store Crafts shows us how.

Looking Forward
Forgotten Bookmarks brings us a book written in 1899 foretelling the future. 1999.

Fighting Hunger with Walmart
Happy Hour Projects brings us the news.

Celebrations: halloween spooky jars
Carolyn’s Homework brings us this fantastic Halloween d├ęcor! Loving it!

Mammoth Carcass Found in Siberia
BBC News brings us this story, found by an 11-year old.

Wreath with two front sides
Knitting for Your Home offers us this pattern.

Big Loop YRN
16 House shows us this intriguing yarn!

CSIC researchers find the exact spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed
Heritage Daily brings us this fascinating article!

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