Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Exhausting Day

It has been one of those utterly exhausting kind of days!

First, dh and I were getting showered and dressed to go visit my parents this morning. While he was in the shower, I thought I'd check my morning correspondence. And that's when it happened.

My computer wouldn't turn on.

Not that it wouldn't boot up! I mean literally.... it wouldn't turn on.

So... while I took dd and we headed over to spend the day with my parents, dh stayed home and worked on my computer. To no avail!

He thinks either the switch is burnt out, or the power cord. The bad news? My computer is a Dell "all-in-one". [I'd had some doubts about purchasing it to begin with, because if one thing goes out.... the wholesystem is royally out!] And don't you know my worst nightmare happened!

DH thinks the hard drive can be saved. So.... he has a monitor. I have a keyboard and mouse. And now I am shopping for a computer [tower and operating system with cd drive, etc.]


The cost is outrageous when you are living on a social security income! So, I simply have to raise the money needed.

This afternoon, I have been shopping online for a refurbished system through, of all places, found the system I want. Has Windows 7, just like mine, and is slightly larger than my current [now defunct] computer. And by buying a refurbished computer, I can get it at a very reasonable price.I have about half of the money needed to purchase it. So I need to raise the remainder.

So... please be looking out for us on eBay and on our EtsyWe will be adding some gently used clothing, a few antique dishes, and more crafted items! I have high hopes of being able to purchase my new [refurbished] computer in the next week or so.

And so... you are probably asking yourself what I am working on if I don't have a computer?

I am currently using dh's 10-inch netbook. [Which has an 8-inch screen, and these miniature keyboard keys! It's murder!!!] The screen is so small, that I can scarcely read it! [I've asked family and friends to limit emails until I have another computer up and running!] Yes.... it will give me a major headache!

Sorry folks, but when your extra income comes from the computer, and it's down, and no way to getto your saved writing, genealogy, etc., I've spent the day worried sick over it! And haven't even given a thought to keeping track of my intake today. Not the best I know, as I had a very large pumpkin spice cappucino this morning!

I did spend the day with my parents. And we had a wonderful time.

But there isn't a photo one to share with you on this post!

Forgive me!~

Let's meet back here tomorrow, when I hope to try to get a decent handle on the situation and have more info to share with you then.

I'm thinking we can share a nice cup of cocoa, while we talk about the day!

Tonight, I'm sitting her working on more snowflakes [for Christmas cards] while I watch Netflix on this teenie-tiny screen!

Have a great evening all!

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