Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slow and Savory Saturday

Well, it’s been another day where I have simply been rather lazy!

We went over to spend the day with my cousins, who are visiting at my sister’s house yesterday, and we had an absolute wonderful time! It was the first time we’d seen each other in 24 years!

When we got home, I was simply too wired to sleep, and was up until about 4 this morning! Then I went to bed and dh got me up at 8:30; which meant that I was sleepy, and felt like I was running through quick-sand all day. [Don’t you hate those kinds of days?]

Breakfast this morning was tea and yogurt.

Then I got on the computer, took care of my correspondence, and did my writing for the coming week.

Lunch time was simply left over pinto beans.

After lunch, I read a while, dozed off once, and then went out to the living room and watched a little television with dh.

I fixed a light supper of tostados. DH’s and DD’s had ground meat with taco seasoning, while mine was meatless.

I did eat two Little Debbie Fudge Rounds for a snack today.

So, what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,171            [-269]

Carbs: 186g                 [-12]

Fat: 33g                       [-15]

Protein: 39g               [-15]

Sodium: 2,284mg       [+784]

Not too shabby! Rather proud of myself, actually!

So, what was your day like?

Have you worked on any crafts?

I did manage to get a few more snowflakes done for my tree. [Just a few more and I will be done with the ones for my tree, and then I will make some to send in Christmas cards this year.]

What’s on your needle/ hook tonight?

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. I think we’ll share a cup of hot cocoa. I have a delicious blend of cocoa which I will make for us with some Splenda. Just a couple of marshmallows each, and we should sit by the fire, don’t you think?

I’ll reserve one of the rockers for you.

See you then!

Me Today!

Dailey Scaley: 241.7

Lost to Date: -61.1 pounds

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