Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day was a Rough Day...

It’s been a rather rough day. First…. I awoke with a terrible migraine this morning, and it lasted until into the evening. So, I have not done any work on any projects until now. And I am afraid I did not take any photographs for the day until now. So… do please forgive me dear ones!


I can give you a recap of what I ate today,,, simply without the pictorials to go with it!


Since I had a migraine, breakfast was simply toast and tea.


Continuing in the same vein at lunch time… more toast and tea.


By dinner, I knew I needed to have something substantial, and so did my dear family!


Tonight we dined on breakfast for dinner….


3 slices of homemade French toast, 3 fried eggs, and 3 Morning Star Veggie Sausage Patties.


After dinner, while watching television with dh, I ate three pieces of Russell Stover Sugar Free Coconut Candy.


So… what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,454                        [+14]

Carbs: 141g                             [-57]

Fats: 56g                                 [+8]

Protein: 79g                           [+25]

Sodium: 2,295mg                   [+795]


Yes, I was over in almost everything, but if you have ever had a migraine before, then you’re sure to understand that you really don’t give a fig about those stats when you have one! I’ll simply have to knuckle down and do better tomorrow.


I am working on my snowflakes for my Christmas tree this evening….

…what do you think? I’ll make about 100 of these for the tree. This one hasn’t been treated yet, but I will stiffen them all with a white glue and water solution so that they will hang nicely and maintain their shape. [I’ve got several hundred snowflake patterns, but decided to make a simple one that I can soon memorize and make up quickly!]


I may even utilize these for Christmas cards as well this year!


Do you ever make your own Christmas decorations? Or do you ever make your own Christmas cards?


I’m going to go for now, dear ones.


I promise to try to do better in recording these everyday events for you.

Tomorrow, dh and I are going to go do our marketing in the morning. Just for a week. Why don’t you tag along?


Until then, have a pleasant evening, and sweet dreams!


Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 248.0

Lost to Date: -54.8

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