Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleepy Sunday

A cool day here in the mountains. And not much happening.

I have spent the day quietly with Texican [my DH] and working on Christmas gifts..

I had a simple breakfast this morning.

Blueberry yogurt and piece of dry toast.

When lunch time rolled around, I scrambled 2 eggs in a teaspoon of margarine, and put them on a freezer biscuit. So good!

At dinner, I forgot to get a picture of the food. But I took a large bakery roll and put 2 Boca chicken patties on it. I had a half-cup of macaroni and cheese, and a half-cup of pork and beans with it.

So what was the damage for the day?

Calories: 1,177   [-263]
Carbs: 144g    [-54]
Fats: 37g    [-11]
Proteins: 64g    [+10]
Sodium: 2,515mg    [+1,015]

Okay, so not the best in the world, but certainly not the worst. At least the calorice total was under my daily goal. So, I won't complain.

And that's about it for this slow day as it winds down!

What are you doing at this late hour? Are you about ready for bed and rest?

I'll meet you back here tomorrow. We'll share a cup of herbal tea while we sit and knit and chat.

Until then, have a wonderful evening!

Me Today
Daily Scaley: 262.0
Total Lost to Date: -40.8 pounds

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Slow and Sleepy Day

It’s been simply one of those days! Thank goodness the weekend has arrived!!!

First of all, last evening I simply could not go to sleep, so I sat up ALL NIGHT LONG! I knitted and watched Borgia on Netflix.  Well, at least I started watching it. Still have a few episodes to go.

I am currently knitting this hand towel. I love hand towels in the bath room, and really can’t see the exorbitant cost of them. I’ve been buying Dollar Tree kitchen towels [plain and brightly colored] to have in my bath room. However, I’d like something a little softer colored, since most of theirs are bright. So, I decided to make them myself. I found this lovely pattern and it works up fast. Simple, and can be done without continuously staring at the pattern! So, a great pattern to make while watching movies!!!

So, I didn’t go to bed until about 6 this morning. And then I slept until noon, when Texican [my DH] decided to wake me. It was so late, I combined my breakfast and lunch together. I scrambled two eggs, and put them on corn tortillas, and then topped them with some Cholula hot sauce. Yum!


I then tried out some Lipton Blackberry Vanilla tea. [This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review]. The tea bags are quite unique. Notice the triangular shape,
which allows more of the ingredients to infuse with the water while steeping. I have to tell you, the aroma of this tea while steeping is like a warm oven baking blackberry cobbler on a winter’s day! Heavenly!!! The tea contains hibiscus flowers which lends a somewhat element of surprise to the flavor. The tongue gets this almost sweet taste of the blackberry and vanilla on the tip and top, but back along the sides of the tongue, one is treated to a tart aftertaste. Quite good! I can see me going to this on a winter’s day. And especially when you want something after dinner, but don’t want the calories of an actual dessert! So yummy!!!

I managed to get my correspondence checked this afternoon, and then headed to the kitchen. There I baked a crustless custard pie. And a loaf of bread.

 Here's my Crustless Custard Pie recipe:
1/4 cup stick margarine
4 eggs
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups milk
2-teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup all purpose flour
Preheat oven to 350-degrees.
Butter a deep dish pie pan.
Place all ingredients except nutmeg in blender. Blend fo 30-seconds.
Pour into the preared pie pan. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.
Baked for 45-minutes.
That's it!

yep, just put the ingredients in the blender...
Blend for 30-seconds.
Then pour into the pie pan....
...sprinkle with nutmeg and bake.

Somehow, the flour goes to the bottom when baking, and you get this yummy crust-like bottom to the custard. [You can see how it "crusts" even the sides!] This is one of the favorites to make in when I just want "something", but without it being overly sweet.

Dinner included elbow macaroni with chunky sauce, and whole canned green beans. Add in the bread and pie, and dinner was wonderful! And I have to tell you… my kitchen smelled wonderful!


So what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 983               [-457]

Carbs: 140g                 [-58]

Fats: 32g                     [-16]

Protein: 39g                           [-15]

Sodium: 1,826mg       [+326]

Okay, this is more like it! Told you yesterday I’d be back on track!!!

I’m heading over to Netflix now to check in on more of the Borgia series. Care to join me?

Well, I understand. These kinds of shows are an acquired taste I suppose. [You really have to enjoy not only drama, but history as well.] So, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. We’ll share something hot to drink, and a scone.

See you then! Have a great evening all!


Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 264.0

Total Lost to Date: -38.8 pounds

Thursday - Too Tired to Post!

So, I've had a busy day. And I am so pooped!

Texican [my DH] and I went out this morning after a breakfast of simply toast [last night's chili had ground turkey meat in it... silly me thinking it wouldn't hurt me! I was still nauseated at noon today!]

First we made a stop at our local Salvation Army.
There Texican got some great pieces to make into planters and windchimes. I found this great old hymnal, that I will be using for an upcoming craft!

Then it was off to Walmart for our grocery trip. Wish I could say it was awesome, and mind blowing. Unfortunately it was not. The expenses just keep creeping up. Buying bare minimum, and I do mean bare, we spent $188.09 total. To be fair, this incudes toiletries and pet food. Still, I wish I could keep it closer to $150 for 2 weeks. However, that is for two weeks worth of groceries, for 3 people. So, that is 94.045 a week, or roughly $31 per person per week. So, I don't suppose that's too bad. [The bulk goes to Texichick's lunches for work - that's our 28-year old dughter who lives with us. And yes... she pays her way in all things, including household expenses, groceries, and gas.]

For lunch, Texican and I waited till we got home and made a potted meat sandwich.
You might laugh, but it is the one "meat" product that never hurts me! Besides that... I love the taste!

After lunch we had a J. Skinner Bavarian Creme Delight Danish.

Heated for just a few seconds in the microwave, this was an absolute bite of heaven! Terribly rich, but oh so good!

For dinner, I didn't feel like cooking. So we heated up some Tyson Anytizers for Texican and Texichick, and they shared a bag of Cheetos Crunchy.

While I had 2 Boca Chicken Patties and 2 helping of Terra Barbecue Sweets, which are made from sweet potatoes. Yum!

So, what was the damage?

Calories: 1,625  [+185]
Carbs: 209g   [+11]
Fats: 63g   [+15]
Protein: 54g   [0]
Sodium: 2,454mg   [+954]

So... it was NOT a good day as far as sticking to the plan went. Ugh! So... back on the wagon immediately! Buckle up my friends... this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

I did finish watching Season 4 of
The Tudors. Which I thoroughly enjoyed! I hated for the end to come! Like a really good book, I wanted more! Any recommendations for something similar?
While watching these last episodes I made 2 of these
to add to our Etsy shop. I love these. They are wonderful, and certainly more sanitary than the nylon bath puffs you purchase. These can go in the wash in hot water, and then right into the dryer! [I have several of these!] And they last forever!

And now it is after 1 a.m. and I am off to bed.

Let's meet again tomorrow. We'll share a cup of tea and a tin of biscuits.

Me Today
Dailey Scaley: 266.0
Total Lost to Date: -36.8

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Reviewed

Hmmm…seems I am getting a bit lax in getting these posts written!

Shame, shame on me!

Tuesday was another great day.

I have to tell you this wonderful thing I have discovered!

I have had chronic fibromyalgia pain for years. And the past couple of years have at times been debilitating. To the point that sometimes I need a cane to get around.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I read an article about the health benefits of honey and cinnamon combined. Also, of the benefits of asparagus. So each morning and each evening I have been drinking a “tea” made with 2-Tablespoons of honey and a scant teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
Then I eat 4-Tablespoons of pureed asparagus. [The asparagus is touted to have healed some with cancer, as well as provide excellent kidney and bladder protectants.]

I have been doing this regimen for just 1 week today. And for the first time in more than 2-years I am able to get up out of bed in the morning and NOT have to take pain medication!!!

While I cannot say I am pain free all day long… I am seeing a vast, and I do mean a VAST difference in only one week!!! And I WILL continue to take it!

I began my day with my new concoctions, and a cup of Cheerios with a scant half-cup of milk.

When lunch time rolled around, I made myself a bowl of left over asparagus stir-fry with half a cup of left over white long grain rice.

For supper, I made some macaroni and cheese, and canned corn, and I had 2 Boca Chicken Patties with it.

Usually this suffices. However, later in the evening I was suddenly ravished, and quite starving for something sweet. I mixed up a little honey-butter and made a sandwich of that. Totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

So what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,570  [+130]

Carbs: 248g   [+50]

Fats: 38g   [-10]

Protein: 59g   [+5]

Sodium: 2430mg  [+930]

Yep… went over a bit. But not to worry. Not dangerously over. And life does happen!

Here is the KAL dishcloth I promised!

The secret words?


I wish I had thought to purchase some Halloween colors in the thread! That would have made it really pop!

And here’s another dish cloth I just finished late in the evening.

Can you see the praying hands?

Okay, so let’s meet back here tomorrow. I’m making some terribly easy for dinner, so I must do my marketing in the morning, and hate to cook after that trip! So join me then!

Me Today

Dailey Scaley 266.4

Lost to Date: -36.4

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Isn't Such A Bad Day...

Another great day.

I have begin working on my Mother’s Christmas gift now, which is similar to the book I made for my Dad. It will contain photographs and documents that we have collected for her side of the family. Love how nice these books are turning out!

I have yet to finish up today’s KAL [Knit a-long] on the Halloween dishcloth. It is the final day. But I will complete it while I watch movies this evening on Netflix.

I am still in the midst of The Tudors, and enjoying every show. I just finished the episode where Anne Bolyne was executed. I have read several books on Anne Boleyn, but never read anything where she was as conniving as the BBC production made her out to be. Still, it made for fantastic entertainment.

I was not feeling well when I first got up this morning, so I drank my morning “mead” [2-tablespoons of honey with a scant teaspoon of cinnamon powder in hot water]. I’ve been drinking this for 6 days now, and I swear by it! My arthritis pain is almost gone!!!

Still, I did not feel well this morning, so I drank my hot drink, and returned to bed for a couple of more hours. I awoke and felt much better. Although still a bit out of sorts. [DH has had the same problem for the past couple of days.]

I didn’t eat any breakfast at that late hour, instead waiting until noon. Then I ate 4 corn tortillas with a half cup of left over pinto beans [mashed] with a half cup of long grain white rice. I added some Cholula for seasoning. Yummy!

For dinner, I took two Walmart dinner rolls, and 2 Morning Star garden veggie burgers and made myself dinner burgers.
I then made French fries by peeling a russet potato, and cutting it into fries; then spraying it with PAM and baking for 25 minutes at 400-degrees Fahrenheit. Yummy!

So what were stats for the day?

Calories: 1,345  [-95]

Carbs: 208g  [+10]

Fats: 39g  [-9]

Protein: 48g   [-6]

Sodium: 1648mg  [+148]

All in all a rather good day!

And now, please forgive me as I find out what next happens in The Tudors series!

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. We’ll share a little lemongrass tea and a slice of banana bread. Okay?

Me Today

Daily Scaley: 269.8

Lost to Date: 33 pounds

Monday's Mentionables

The following are a few blog posts and articles I felt worthy of sharing with you from this past week. If you haven't read these before, please taken the time to do so.

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25 Tips for Naturally Cleaning with Vinegar

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quiet Sunday

It has been a rather quiet Sunday here at the Texican house. Neither DH nor myself have felt quite up to par; neither being able to say we were sick, simply that we didn't feel our best, and so we sat about watching television or movies. He on the telly and me on the computer.

I have been immersed in BBC's The Tudors.
When it was oiginally airing, I was always working, and didn't get to see it. And when re-runs began, they were jumbled and out of order, or ran as marathons. Now, through Netflix I have the chance to watch the first 4 seasons in order, and I am loving it! [I've always had a fascination with the Tudor dynasty.]

For brakfast this morning, I had a simple cup of blueberry yogurt.

When lunch time ran around...
...I took corn tortillas and filled them with left over pinto bean and rice mixture, with just a touch of..
...Cholula hot sauce for flavor. Loved this! I ate 3.

DH fixed dinner. He and DD had a pot roast which he cooked in a seasoning bag with potatoes, onion, celery and baby carrots. He then cooked a potato, an onion, a celery stalk cut up, and a handful of baby carrots in a saucepan with seasoning salt for me, and when dinner was ready, I added a side of ...
...Morning Star garden veggie patties. [I love these things!]

I did knit on the KAL cloth today [Day 7]. I'll wait until the KAL is complete before I show you any more of it, but I have figured out the secret message for Halloween on it!

For dessert I had...
... in an ice cream cone. Love this stuff!

Okay... so what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,073   [-367]
Carbs: 190g   [-8]
Fat: 19g   [-29]
Protein: 50g   [-4]
Sodium: 1,303mg   [-197]

And I am ecstatic! After the huge overage I had yesterday, and then feeling lousy today and not doing anything phyical, I worried another bad day might do me in! So I am so happy with today!

How did your day go?

Did you do any crafting today?

Did you take some time to be with your family?

Shall we meet back here tomorrow for another visit? I'm thinking of making lemon cake to have with tea. Will you join me?

Me today
Dailey Scaley: 270.6
Lost to date: -30.2

Saturday Results

I didn't post Friday's results, because I went to bed at such an early hour.

DH and I went over and spent the day with my sister and my parents. Tomorrow is my dear little sister's birthday, and I wanted to see her before the day. I seldom get to spend any time with her any more, so it's important to do so when I can!

It was a couple of days early, but I took her a birthday cake and some flowers for her garden. [Fall mums.] She was totally surprised.

Still, although the visit was so perfect, I was exhausted by the time we got back home.

Saturday I spent the day writing blog posts for the week ahead for my genealogy blog. That was an all day occurrence!

I did manage to get a bit more done on the Haloween KAL [knit along]. I'm saving that photo reveal for the finish!

For dinner last night I had a large dinner roll
which we heated. Then I had 2
Boca chicken patties, which I put on the bun. And 2
Green Giant nibblers ears.
After dinner, I ate not one... but 2 ice cream cones with...
Blue Bunny Sugar Free Banana Split Ice-Cream.

Yes, I went over. Quite a bit over! The results for the day?

Calories: 1,829   [+389]
Carbs: 254g  [+56]
Fats: 66g  [+18]
Proteins: 65g  [+1]
Sodium: 2659mg  [+1159]

The good news is that I walked for an hour, negating the extra, but not doing a world of good since it won't help in the overall.

The Daily Scaley: 271.6 on Saturday.

Stay tuned for Sunday to see what the damage is!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Comes and Thursday Goes

Well, here we are on Thursday evening, and I am exhausted!

I worked all day at getting my Dad’s Christmas book uploaded to the printer and setting up the cover photos. Have to tell you… I am quite pleased with the result! The draft is 650 pages, and that includes a full index of individuals. Plus a special bonus section of military photos.

Yes… I may have finally hit on something he will be totally blown away by for Christmas! [Golly, at least I hope he is!]

I have to tell you… my eating today has been rather non-existent, until dinner, when I kind of gorged on food! Ugh! Hate it when I do that. Then I am too full to even move!

So, let’s start with this morning.

I am trying some “New” alternatives and hope to see some results from them.

Because I had lung cancer in 1997, and have been in remission since, I am always interested in ways to try to holistically keep from that occurring again. I read a report last week that said if a person took 4-tablespoons of pureed asparagus twice a day, this has been shown to inhibit, halt, and even reverse cancer in some cases. So, I purchased asparagus yesterday. Pureed it this morning, and have it in a jar in the refrigerator. Not my favorite way to wake up in the morning… but I’ll give a try. It’s also supposed to help in kidney ailments [I have one kidney that is twice the size of the other, due to large doses of steroids for my lungs].

The next alternative therapy, is for my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. I am to drink a cup of hot water twice a day with 2-tablespoons honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This proved harder to get down than the asparagus! I wasn’t prepared for all of the cinnamon to have settled into the bottom of the cup. Now I know that when I drink this again before bed this evening… I will need to keep stirring this to keep the cinnamon incorporated with the water so as not to have to take it all in a big gulp at the end. [Oh…really nasty! I ended up adding a half cup more of water in order to get it down! Yuck, yuck, yuck!]

Breakfast was a cup of Cheerios, as I studied my Bible and had my devotions.

The back to the computer to work.

Oh, did I mention I also washed three loads of laundry while working? And speaking of my laundry… I have to tell you. Two months ago I switched my laundry from washing in all temperatures to washing only in cold water. Get ready for this! My electricity bill dropped by more than half! Yes sirree! More than half!!! And my clothes are coming out just as clean, without adding any extra detergent. With today’s laundry detergents there really isn’t any need to worry about washing in cold. Love, love, love it! Now I want to get a folding laundry rack to dry my clothes on. We live in a small mobile home park, and we aren’t allowed clothes lines, so, I need something I can set up in my bathroom and dry things like underclothes and small clothing items on. I’m hoping to cut my electric bill even more!

At lunch time I broke and made myself two corn tortillas with rice and bean stuffing. It left me comfortable until time for dinner.

Tonight was one of those old-timey dinners that Mama used to make when she’d worked hard all day and wanted a cheap, quick meal.
I fixed a bag of Great Value frozen buttermilk biscuits, and opened two cans of Libby’s sausage gravy for DH and DD. For myself I had some of the biscuits and ¼ cup of Pioneer’s sausage flavored gravy mix. Let me tell you what piggy’s we were! The bag contains 20 biscuits. I cooked them all. There is only 3 of us, and every single biscuit was eaten! And I can’t blame the other two entirely. I’d eaten so sparingly all day that I was starving. I ate 5 [yes, I know FIVE!!!!] of them. With 1/2 cup of the Pioneer gravy. I know what you’re going to say…that’s not enough gravy for 5 biscuits. You’re right. Two of the biscuits I ate totally plain.

Okay… so I’ve paid a much higher price for Pillsbury’s Grand’s  freezer biscuits. Loved them. But decided to give Great Value an honest try. [Most Great Value things we purchase we love.] Well, these freezer biscuits did not let us down! At $3.38 for 20, that’s only 17-cents a serving. Of course the cost goes up when it tastes so good you act like little pigs! But, hey… we loved the meal! DD said it reminded her of when she was a kid and I used to make homemade biscuits almost every night. [I raised 5 children alone with no financial support from their father. And biscuits went a long way in feeding a large family!]

So… anyway, with the huge dinner… how did my stats hold up for the day?

Calories: 1,355            [-85]

Carbs:  184g                [-14]

Fats:    57g                  [+9]

Protein: 36g               [-18]

Sodium: 3,061mg       [+1561]

Okay… so it was really close with the calories. And I did go over with the fats and sodium. But I can tell you, except for the over-eating part, it was so worth the taste!

Pioneer gravy mixes are totally awesome. If you love the taste and texture of homemade gravy, just like your grandma used to make, then you need to try these mixes! I’m especially fond of the pepper gravy mix, but decided to try the sausage flavored mix this time, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Last evening while watching the Tudor’s on Netflix, I began working on a KAL I doing for Halloween. It’s a mystery dish cloth.

There will be words having to do with Halloween on the face of the cloth when completed. Love these mystery KAL! And as I head back to The Tudor’s again this evening, I’ll be doing today’s portion of the KAL.

Are you working on anything crafty right now?

What are you working on for the holidays?

Okay, so I’m heading back to Netflix. But I will see you back here again tomorrow. Next time, I’m thinking we should have some lemon tea cakes with our Earl Grey. Hmm? See you tomorrow!


Me Today

Daily Scaley: 273.6
Total Lost to Date: -29.2 pounds