Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day Away....

Hard to believe that it had been two weeks since I last was over to visit with my Mom and Dad. But I hadn’t been feeling well, and it’s simply understood by the four of their children, that when anyone is sick…. You don’t go around Mom and Dad. Both have lower immunity, and are apt to get seriously ill from something as simple as the sniffles. [I mean like life-threateningly ill!]

But we [Texican and I] went to visit them this morning, immediately after I dressed. And we had a glorious time! We spent the entire day, and ate both lunch and dinner with them!

Now…don’t be upset, but I didn’t take my camera. So I didn’t get a single shot of the food we had! [I promise next time I’ll take my camera!]

At lunch, Mom’s caretaker, Talma, an old family friend, fixed us a delicious lunch of fried green tomatoes, stewed apples, pork and beans and biscuits. Wonderful! It was so good! [My mouth is watering just remembering how good it was!]

Then at dinner, Dad went to the deli and brought back an herb roasted chicken, a shrimp ring, potato salad and honey glazed rolls, with beer. For dessert we had pudding cups. I don’t know if the food was really that good, or if it was simply because we were sharing it with family!

Came home. And low and behold, DD had scrubbed and cleaned the bathroom until it shone! I almost fell over! [She seldom does any kind of cleaning!!!]

I am so proud of her!

So… let’s take a quick look at my stats for the day…

Calories: 1,337            [-103]

Carbs: 153g                 [-45]

Fats: 45g                     [-3]

Protein: 48g               [-6]

Sodium: 2,374mg       [+874]

So…not too shabby of a day!

And now I’m off to get a bit of shut eye.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow evening. Where we will discuss the upcoming menu for the next week!

Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 247.0

Total Lost to Date: 52.8 pounds

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