Friday, October 12, 2012

I Am So Tired!

It’s been a brutal day! Whew!

Texican and I spent the day moving our living room around. It’s only the second time in 4 years that I’ve moved the room around. I did it because last winter I didn’t, and the result was that a heating vent in the living room was blocked, and I felt cold in the room, no matter what I did. I didn’t want a repeat this year!

So… we moved it around. Almost exactly the way it was 2 years ago. I’d still like to get rid of some of the furniture I have. [I simply have way too much furniture for my personal taste!]  However, if I get rid of anything, someone will get their feelings hurt, because I have been gifted with about everything I own! Ugh!

However, I’ll simply wait for things to wear out, and when they do… I won’t replace them.

I slept until 10 this morning, having been up until after 1:30 last night. So I didn’t eat until after noon.

Texican and I ate a potted meat sandwich for our lunch, with a little mayo and a slice of American cheese.

About mid-afternoon, I had 5 Hershey bar miniatures. [Don’t ya just love the Halloween season?]

Dinner this evening was simple since I was exhausted from moving the living room around….

…Spanish rice. Yum!

So…. Let’s look at the damage today.

Calories: 699               [-741]

Carbs: 81g                   [-117]

Fats: 30g                     [-18]

Protein: 24g               [-30]

Sodium: 1,559mg       [+59]

All I can say is….WoW!

Can’t believe I was UNDER in everything except sodium! And that was even eating candy for a snack!

I am still making snowflakes for my Christmas tree this year!

And here’s three new balls of thread to continue making the 12-Days of Christmas dishcloths for the shop!

What’s on your needles this weekend? Anything for the holidays?

Well, I’m heading into the bedroom to watch a little Netflix and continue crocheting.

Tomorrow I’m tackling some very dirty walls and floors!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Let’s meet back here tomorrow evening. I’ve got some great peppermint mocha cappuccino mix. Let’s share a cuppa!

Have a great evening all!

Me Today

Daily Scaley: 246.0

Lost to Date: -56.8

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