Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are Safe...And Weathering the Weather

I didn’t intend to make another post until my new computer arrives.

However, I did want to let everyone know that we have survived Sandy, and we were among those least hit, although we had been forewarned we would be among the hardest.

God is good!

Here are a few pictures from our front porch this morning:

As you can see….the ground isn’t even covered all the way. We had been told to expect more than 31-inches of snow!  There are areas in the higher elevations hit hard….however, we were spared.

Snow continues to be forecast, mixed with rain, for the comings days [through Friday]. But the temperature remains high enough that the ground is not frozen, and so it’s muddy and melting beneath.

We never lost electrical power, although many have. We prepared just in case. I spent yesterday morning cooking food for the next 8 days. Just to be prepared. So, we will simply heat in the microwave until that is used up! Yeah! A week free of cooking! Ha ha

We are praying for all of those who were hit so hard. And for those families who were devastated by the loss of life. We pray God’s blessings on them and His tender mercies. Our hearts are with you all!

My new computer is due in any day now. And until it arrives, I will continue limiting my input on this blog. [I am using DH’s tiny netbook, which is almost impossible for me to type on! Call me old-fashioned, but I require a full size keyboard! And no…..I don’t text!]

I ask that you all continue to consider giving a donation to the American Red Cross at this time, or to your local first responders.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taking A Week Off

We are taking a week off while we await the shipment of our new computer. [Texican's little netbook is simply too small for getting any serious writing done on a daily basis!]

Our new desktop has been ordered....and should be here within a week!

Until then, remember to keep track of what you eat daily. [My Fitness Pal is a good place for doing that! They evenhave a mobile app for keeping track on the go!]

Keep your home tidy and your family happy! [FlyLady is a great place to assist you if you're not sure where to start!]

Keep crafting! [I find KnitPicks has the best buy on yarns!]

Read a new book every week! [Half.com  is my favorite place for hard copies at great discounted prices; eBooks is my favorite place for ereader books at great prices!]

And for goodness sake...sit back and enjoy a good movie when you can.... simply for fun! [I love Netflix for the great selection available there! And you can watch right on your computer if you want!]

See you all back here next week when I will have a full-sized keyboard again, and the ability to do some serious online work once more!

Have a great week everyone!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Exhausting Day

It has been one of those utterly exhausting kind of days!

First, dh and I were getting showered and dressed to go visit my parents this morning. While he was in the shower, I thought I'd check my morning correspondence. And that's when it happened.

My computer wouldn't turn on.

Not that it wouldn't boot up! I mean literally.... it wouldn't turn on.

So... while I took dd and we headed over to spend the day with my parents, dh stayed home and worked on my computer. To no avail!

He thinks either the switch is burnt out, or the power cord. The bad news? My computer is a Dell "all-in-one". [I'd had some doubts about purchasing it to begin with, because if one thing goes out.... the wholesystem is royally out!] And don't you know my worst nightmare happened!

DH thinks the hard drive can be saved. So.... he has a monitor. I have a keyboard and mouse. And now I am shopping for a computer [tower and operating system with cd drive, etc.]


The cost is outrageous when you are living on a social security income! So, I simply have to raise the money needed.

This afternoon, I have been shopping online for a refurbished system through, of all places, Walmart.com.I found the system I want. Has Windows 7, just like mine, and is slightly larger than my current [now defunct] computer. And by buying a refurbished computer, I can get it at a very reasonable price.I have about half of the money needed to purchase it. So I need to raise the remainder.

So... please be looking out for us on eBay and on our EtsyWe will be adding some gently used clothing, a few antique dishes, and more crafted items! I have high hopes of being able to purchase my new [refurbished] computer in the next week or so.

And so... you are probably asking yourself what I am working on if I don't have a computer?

I am currently using dh's 10-inch netbook. [Which has an 8-inch screen, and these miniature keyboard keys! It's murder!!!] The screen is so small, that I can scarcely read it! [I've asked family and friends to limit emails until I have another computer up and running!] Yes.... it will give me a major headache!

Sorry folks, but when your extra income comes from the computer, and it's down, and no way to getto your saved writing, genealogy, etc., I've spent the day worried sick over it! And haven't even given a thought to keeping track of my intake today. Not the best I know, as I had a very large pumpkin spice cappucino this morning!

I did spend the day with my parents. And we had a wonderful time.

But there isn't a photo one to share with you on this post!

Forgive me!~

Let's meet back here tomorrow, when I hope to try to get a decent handle on the situation and have more info to share with you then.

I'm thinking we can share a nice cup of cocoa, while we talk about the day!

Tonight, I'm sitting her working on more snowflakes [for Christmas cards] while I watch Netflix on this teenie-tiny screen!

Have a great evening all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Photo A Day Challenge - the 22nd

The 22nd.....

...In Your Town.

Election Time In My Town

Slow, Slow Day

You know those days, don’t you?

The ones where you feel like you’re running full speed…. But in quicksand? The harder and faster and you run, the deeper in the stuff you get?

Yep…. It’s been one of those days.

And now…My Fitness Pal is down for maintenance. Been down for a couple of hours now, and I can’t get my dinner in to figure up my stats for the day! So…. This is going to be one of “Those” posts!

I began my day with tea and toast, which I applied a little raspberry preserves to. [About a teaspoon all together!] Not much of a breakfast…but I did enjoy it.

DH had awoken me at 8:30, after I had not gone to bed until 4:15! Therefore the quicksand slogging all day! Ugh!

I checked my correspondence this morning, and read the blogs I so enjoy. Then went to work writing. But I simply could not stay concentrated on the project at hand. I need a good night’s sleep!!!

So, I simply read all day.

At lunch I broke and made DH and I a potted meat sandwich, and opened a small tin of beans and wieners for each of us. Pretty decent lunch actually!

After lunch, I peeled and cut up 2-large onions, 3-stalks celery, and about 6 large potatoes. I put them in the crockpot, and covered them with water, and added salt and pepper liberally. I set the temperature on high.

At 5 p.m. I ladled the water out of the pot, added 2 cans of evaporated milk, along with 4 cups of water, 1 cup being hot water with cornstarch, which made a roux.

I continued cooking on high for another 45-minutes. Oh, my but this was a wonderful potato soup! Large chunky potatoes, celery and onions!
I also sliced a loaf of French bread, for dipping in the thick stew. So delicious!!! Even DH loved this! Yummy!

I can’t begin to tell you what my stats were for the day.

[Terrible thing that we rely totally on a website for such things! Back in the day, I had a calorie counter book to help me do this, and I ran around with a notepad and pencil! Now I consult a website after everything I eat!]

And now?

I am heading over to Netflix to watch more of the series Brothers & Sisters [Sally Field and Calista Flockhart]. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a serial! Lovin’ this show! I’m up to episode 11 of Season 1. Great show!

While I watch, I am working on snowflakes for my Christmas tree and Christmas cards project! Keeps my hands busy!

What are you working on today?

Tomorrow I am heading over to spend a few hours visiting with my parents. Then it will be back home to get a little writing done, if my brain will work! [Writers block is the worst!]

Let’s meet back here for a little Earl Grey as we unwind for the day! And let’s hope that the My Fitness Pal website is back up by then!

And I almost forgot about the great eBay buy that came in today!
[the big Bible]

I’ve been watching German Bible’s on auction sites for quite some time now, as I wanted one for me, and one for my mother. [My maternal great-grandparents were German.] It was simply something I’d longed to have. Last week I came across an auction about to end, and I was able to purchase both a full size German Bibel [both old and new testaments] and a new testament. Both are over 100 years old [the full Bible from 1884, and the new testament from 1906]. Others are selling for any where from $160 to several hundred of dollars [some even without covers!]. I was able, by watching for a closing auction, to grab these two, sold together, for only $5 plus postage! And their covers are excellent!
[the new testament]

Aren’t they lovely?
[interior of the big Bible]

The full Bible is now on my mantel, and the new testament will be traveling to my mother tomorrow. I can hardly wait to give it to her!

Have a great evening everyone!

Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 241.4

Lost to Date: -60.4

Monday Mentionables - October 15-21st, 2012

I'll be quite honest.... I really only found one post that was truly exceptional this week:

7 Delicious Meals for Meatless Mondays
South Beach Diet Online brings us some very good choices for at least one night a week of meatless dinners for the family!

Let's hope this week brings us more to love!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Photo A Day Challenge - the 21st

The 21st....


Sleepy Little Sunday

A quieter, sleepy Sunday I haven’t seen in quite a while!

I slept until 10:30 this morning, when DH woke me. [He thought I had gone to bed early, when in fact, I had been up until 3:00 a.m.!] He was having a rather restless night, so I waited until he settled down before I climbed into the bed.

When I got up, I showered, dressed, and headed into the kitchen where I grabbed

a cup of tea,
and a cup of yogurt.

I then came back to the bedroom, where my little office is in the corner, and went through emails and other correspondence. I sipped
coffee while I read the Sunday blogs.

A little past one in the afternoon, I grabbed some lunch. Two simple cheese quesadillas

 [2 corn tortillas with a slice of American cheese between them, and heated in the microwave. Top with a little salsa, and you’ve got yourself the super quick cheese quesadilla!]

More coffee,

and back on the computer after washing and drying a load of laundry.

After DD came in from work about 4:45, I went back to the kitchen to fix dinner. Some baked chicken thighs for the other two [I had 2-Boca chicken patties]

, boiled taters, and mini corn on the cob.

After the dinner dishes were washed, I made a pan of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies.

I had 2 of these.


So…. How are my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,555                        [+115]

Carbs: 263g                             [+65]

Fats: 37g                                 [-11]

Protein: 57g                           [+3]

Sodium: 3,124mg                   [+1,624]

Okay… a little over today. But, again, we won’t cry over this. Simply keep plugging away, one day at a time!

I did complete a few more snowflakes today [only 7 more needed to finish up those needed for the Christmas tree]. I spent some time looking through patterns for just the perfect Christmas stockings to knit for the three of us this year. Finally have it down to two that I really like. And I found a pattern for a tree skirt. [My theme this year is white, silver and blue. “Winter Wonderland”.]

What’s on your needles today? Working any other crafts?

What are you reading?

Let’s get back here again tomorrow evening, where we will take a look at some of the latest ideas I have found in Christmas decorating!

Until then…. Here are a few pictures of the turning leaves here in the mountains!

Have a wonderful evening y’all!


Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 241.0

Lost to Date: -63.8

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slow and Savory Saturday

Well, it’s been another day where I have simply been rather lazy!

We went over to spend the day with my cousins, who are visiting at my sister’s house yesterday, and we had an absolute wonderful time! It was the first time we’d seen each other in 24 years!

When we got home, I was simply too wired to sleep, and was up until about 4 this morning! Then I went to bed and dh got me up at 8:30; which meant that I was sleepy, and felt like I was running through quick-sand all day. [Don’t you hate those kinds of days?]

Breakfast this morning was tea and yogurt.

Then I got on the computer, took care of my correspondence, and did my writing for the coming week.

Lunch time was simply left over pinto beans.

After lunch, I read a while, dozed off once, and then went out to the living room and watched a little television with dh.

I fixed a light supper of tostados. DH’s and DD’s had ground meat with taco seasoning, while mine was meatless.

I did eat two Little Debbie Fudge Rounds for a snack today.

So, what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,171            [-269]

Carbs: 186g                 [-12]

Fat: 33g                       [-15]

Protein: 39g               [-15]

Sodium: 2,284mg       [+784]

Not too shabby! Rather proud of myself, actually!

So, what was your day like?

Have you worked on any crafts?

I did manage to get a few more snowflakes done for my tree. [Just a few more and I will be done with the ones for my tree, and then I will make some to send in Christmas cards this year.]

What’s on your needle/ hook tonight?

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. I think we’ll share a cup of hot cocoa. I have a delicious blend of cocoa which I will make for us with some Splenda. Just a couple of marshmallows each, and we should sit by the fire, don’t you think?

I’ll reserve one of the rockers for you.

See you then!

Me Today!

Dailey Scaley: 241.7

Lost to Date: -61.1 pounds

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cast On Baby!

I didn't track a single food I ate today! I simply enjoyed myself with my wonderful family!

So.... let's all go enjoy our families this Friday evening! We'll meet back ere tomorrow, when I've had a chance to gather up some photos I took today.

We'll share a cup of lemongrass tea.

In the mean time... let's work on our crafts....

....and enjoy a little inspiration!

Cast On Baby!

Mammography Day

October 19th is Mammography Day!

If you haven't had a routine mammogram lately, then be sure and schedule yours today!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Photo A Day Challenge

The 18th...

...Made You Smile Today

My furry baby, Chica, watching the world go by!

Thursday in a Nutshell

It’s been a busy, and tiring day.

First of all, I didn’t get to bed until almost 4 a.m. this morning. Yes, I know…. Looks like I’ve got my days and nights all messed up! And then I was back up at 8:30 to stay this morning, in hopes I could get straightened out somewhat. So, I have been dragging my tushy around all day!

Texican and I shared tea and coffee this morning,
and I had a cup of raspberry yogurt with 2 slices of Italian toast and 2-teaspoons of raspberry preserves. Quite a good breakfast!

Then I got busy cooking.

I had a whole loaf of left over, and very stale, white bread. This I tore into small pieces and made into ...
...an old-fashioned bread pudding, using my lovely ...
...Fannie Farmer 1896 cookbook! It was wonderful! I at a big serving of this for lunch!

This afternoon, I edited Mom’s Christmas book, and got it uploaded to the printer. It should be here in about a week to ten days! Can’t wait!

Got a big order on our Etsy shop today. This I still need to pack and get shipped out to the buyer in the next 72 hours.

Next I baked an applesauce cake.
Have it ready to go to my parents tomorrow. [There’s a cousin coming in that I haven’t seen in over 20 years! I am so excited!]

By this time, it was time to fix dinner. A Betty Crocker boxed dinner for Texican  and Texichick, which didn’t turn out exactly right. Not sure what happened to it, but the noodles were crunchy they said. I must have left a step out [???]. And some cut green beans on the side. Instead of the casserole, I had ...
...2 – Morning Star Garden Veggie Burgers.

So… what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 929               [-511]

Carbs: 141g                 [-57]

Fats: 18g                     [-30]

Protein: 56g               [+2]

Sodium: 1,893mg       [+393]

I am NOT complaining! After my many days of going over on everything here lately, this looks very good to me!

After dinner, Texican and I watched One Missed Call ...
...on the SyFy channel. I think I’d seen parts of the beginning before, but had never finished it. Somewhat scary, but way too predictable for me.

After the movie, I baked a pan of cornbread to take with me tomorrow to my sister’s. She is making a big pot of chili. I thought that would be an excellent complement to the dinner.

And now?

I’m heading over to Netflix to watch a little more of Upstairs Downstairs. [I am totally addicted!]

What are you working on this evening? I’m grabbing my pile of crochet work and making some more snowflakes before I crawl into bed!

Let’s meet back here tomorrow, where I hope to have some pictures of my visiting family!

We’ll share some Earl Grey, okay?

Until then, have a wonderful evening!

Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 244.0

Lost to Date: -58.8

[Hmmm…. Me thinks the scale is stuck!]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Photo A Day Challenge

The 17th.....


...sorry it's a bit blurry!

Ready To Put Up My Feet!

It’s been quite the busy day here. Exhausting as always for me! Why?

Everytime I head out to go marketing, I am worn out at the end of the day! And today was marketing day for us here.

I am so ready to put my feet up, and get to work on the Christmas tree snowflakes!
My stack is growing! I have 33 snowflakes so far!

We began the day as we always do, with Texican at the kitchen table, sipping tea. I had…

…raspberry yogurt for breakfast.

Then I showered, dressed, and we made up our weekly menu, and grocery list. [For the next 8 days.] Then headed out to do the marketing.

Oh, how I wish I had taken my camera along with me! The trees are beautifully orange and gold and auburn right now!

We headed down to Covington, where we went to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill. We were able to load up on supplies for Texican to work on his crafts, for wee bits of hardly any cash! Then we headed over to Walmart.

I picked up three more balls of Peaches & Crème for the 12-Days of Christmas dishcloths, I am working on.

We walked through the crafts department, as well as the lawn and garden departments, where we are already inundated with Christmas decorations! Love how they can inspire me!!!

We gathered up the next eight-days worth of groceries, and headed back home.

We did grab us a pack of…

….bakery cream horns, which we split and ate on the way home. [2 ½ cream horns each!] We called this lunch, since we were both starving at the time!

By the time we got home, my hip and knee were simply killing me, so Texichick helped me to put away the purchases. [She’s such a big help!]

Then I came in and worked on emails and blogs for the next 2 hours, before heading back out and making dinner.

A very simple dinner. Frito Pie.

This version is quite simple actually.
2 9.75-oz. packages of Fritos;
4 cans Hormel vegetarian chili,
and 8-oz. package of taco blend finely shredded cheese.

Layer these in a casserole. And bake at 375-degrees until the cheese is melted.

Marvelous! [I ate 1-1/2 helpings!]

So… with all of these eats, how are my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,600            [+160]

Carbs: 183g                 [-15]

Fats: 79g                     [+31]

Protein: 49g               [-5]

Sodium: 2705mg        [+1205]

Well, not exactly my best day… but not exactly my worst either! [Haven’t done so well this week! Must work harder!!!]

So, what’s our menu for the coming week?

1] Betty Crocker Boxed Dinner and Vegetable
2] Dining at my sisters [or bologna & cheese sandwiches if plans fail]
3]Taco Salad
4] Baked chicken thighs, boiled potatoes, corn on cob
5] Meatless Macaroni and Sauce, Italian Bread, green beans
6] Chili Dogs and fries
7] Tomato Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Every night there is meat, I will substitute with my soy protein substitute. [I’ve mentioned before… I can’t digest meats.]

I’m afraid we are going to have to start buckling our belts a bit tighter. Groceries today came to $188. That’s almost $40 over budget! Going to have to look for cheaper ways to eat!

I did manage to get the bags from the marketing cut and made into plarn!

 I am crocheting a contour rug to put around my commode in the master bath.

Well, I am off. I am heading over to Netflix to watch more of Upstairs Downstairs and work more on my snowflakes!

Let’s meet back here tomorrow, shall we?

I’m making a casserole dish of homemade bread pudding with white sauce tomorrow. Let’s share a bowl, with a cup of Earl Grey! See you then!

Have a wonderful evening dear ones!

Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 244.0

Lost to Date: -58.8