Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better... So Much Better!

As you will recall…. I had a terrible migraine yesterday. I had to take a ghastly amount of medication to get rid of the pain! When I finally did… the ending result was a full night awake with horrible cramping and diarrhea.

I finally lay down this morning at 8 a.m. and slept till about noon. When I awoke, I showered, dressed and at a light snack…

…crackers and potted meat.

Then Texican and I were off to do the marketing for the week. [Well, to next Wednesday at least!]

On the way… we stopped at a local thrift store that is run by one of the churches. There I purchased a lovely Madonna and Child flower vase,
which I will probably use to hold my extra crochet hooks. [I collect Madonna portraits and statues.] I also purchased a lilac cabled sweater and a pair of black velour pants to wear with them.
As well as this set of nine [yes that is 9!] gold chargers. [I know the box says "8", but there were 9 chargers in the box!] Everything for $8.

We then went on to the Salvation Army and did a bit more shopping, where I purchased a black knit dress, and a beautiful gray wool, lined pencil skirt [it has a designer label!]. The pair cost me $4.75. And I am thrilled!
black dress, gray wool pencil skirt, lilac cabled sweater, and black velour slacks

And not pictured is my new Christmas tree stand, which I purchased for a whopping $2.99. The exact same stand at Walmart later was seen for $14.98! What a savings!

While at Walmart, I purchased three more rolls of Peaches ‘n Crème cotton yarn to continue the 12-Days of Christmas dishcloths. I have the first three days done so far.

When we got home, I fell asleep in my chair for about an hour. Then fixed dinner.

A simple dinner of hotdogs with chili for dd and dh. While I had Morning Star Garden Veggie Patties with ¼ cup of cheddar cheese sauce.
And since my calories were so very low for the dinner, when I opened this bag of exotic chips, I didn’t limit myself. I “ ‘et the whole bag”.

So what were my stats for the day???

Calories: 1,360            [-80]

Carbs: 126g                 [-72]

Fats: 76g                     [+28]

Protein: 35g               [-19]

Sodium: 1,960mg       [+460]

All in all, not a bad day! I am rather pleased with myself!

I have about a dozen or so snowflakes made for my tree this year! And now that I have a tree stand… I am definitely going to have a beautiful live tree this year! I can hardly wait!!!

I will go for now, dear ones. I must review my correspondence for today, and possibly work on some Christmas gifts. If not… I will simply watch more Netflix and make more snowflakes! At any rate, let’s meet back here tomorrow, where we will sit with our knitting and share a cup of Earl Grey together. And let’s use the good china and a nice teapot. It was Grandma’s. We’ll reminisce about her while we knit!

Have a wonderful evening and pleasant dreams to all!

Me Today

Daily Scaley: 246.0

Lost to Date: -56.8

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