Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday - Too Tired to Post!

So, I've had a busy day. And I am so pooped!

Texican [my DH] and I went out this morning after a breakfast of simply toast [last night's chili had ground turkey meat in it... silly me thinking it wouldn't hurt me! I was still nauseated at noon today!]

First we made a stop at our local Salvation Army.
There Texican got some great pieces to make into planters and windchimes. I found this great old hymnal, that I will be using for an upcoming craft!

Then it was off to Walmart for our grocery trip. Wish I could say it was awesome, and mind blowing. Unfortunately it was not. The expenses just keep creeping up. Buying bare minimum, and I do mean bare, we spent $188.09 total. To be fair, this incudes toiletries and pet food. Still, I wish I could keep it closer to $150 for 2 weeks. However, that is for two weeks worth of groceries, for 3 people. So, that is 94.045 a week, or roughly $31 per person per week. So, I don't suppose that's too bad. [The bulk goes to Texichick's lunches for work - that's our 28-year old dughter who lives with us. And yes... she pays her way in all things, including household expenses, groceries, and gas.]

For lunch, Texican and I waited till we got home and made a potted meat sandwich.
You might laugh, but it is the one "meat" product that never hurts me! Besides that... I love the taste!

After lunch we had a J. Skinner Bavarian Creme Delight Danish.

Heated for just a few seconds in the microwave, this was an absolute bite of heaven! Terribly rich, but oh so good!

For dinner, I didn't feel like cooking. So we heated up some Tyson Anytizers for Texican and Texichick, and they shared a bag of Cheetos Crunchy.

While I had 2 Boca Chicken Patties and 2 helping of Terra Barbecue Sweets, which are made from sweet potatoes. Yum!

So, what was the damage?

Calories: 1,625  [+185]
Carbs: 209g   [+11]
Fats: 63g   [+15]
Protein: 54g   [0]
Sodium: 2,454mg   [+954]

So... it was NOT a good day as far as sticking to the plan went. Ugh! So... back on the wagon immediately! Buckle up my friends... this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

I did finish watching Season 4 of
The Tudors. Which I thoroughly enjoyed! I hated for the end to come! Like a really good book, I wanted more! Any recommendations for something similar?
While watching these last episodes I made 2 of these
to add to our Etsy shop. I love these. They are wonderful, and certainly more sanitary than the nylon bath puffs you purchase. These can go in the wash in hot water, and then right into the dryer! [I have several of these!] And they last forever!

And now it is after 1 a.m. and I am off to bed.

Let's meet again tomorrow. We'll share a cup of tea and a tin of biscuits.

Me Today
Dailey Scaley: 266.0
Total Lost to Date: -36.8

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