Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quiet Sunday

It has been a rather quiet Sunday here at the Texican house. Neither DH nor myself have felt quite up to par; neither being able to say we were sick, simply that we didn't feel our best, and so we sat about watching television or movies. He on the telly and me on the computer.

I have been immersed in BBC's The Tudors.
When it was oiginally airing, I was always working, and didn't get to see it. And when re-runs began, they were jumbled and out of order, or ran as marathons. Now, through Netflix I have the chance to watch the first 4 seasons in order, and I am loving it! [I've always had a fascination with the Tudor dynasty.]

For brakfast this morning, I had a simple cup of blueberry yogurt.

When lunch time ran around...
...I took corn tortillas and filled them with left over pinto bean and rice mixture, with just a touch of..
...Cholula hot sauce for flavor. Loved this! I ate 3.

DH fixed dinner. He and DD had a pot roast which he cooked in a seasoning bag with potatoes, onion, celery and baby carrots. He then cooked a potato, an onion, a celery stalk cut up, and a handful of baby carrots in a saucepan with seasoning salt for me, and when dinner was ready, I added a side of ...
...Morning Star garden veggie patties. [I love these things!]

I did knit on the KAL cloth today [Day 7]. I'll wait until the KAL is complete before I show you any more of it, but I have figured out the secret message for Halloween on it!

For dessert I had...
... in an ice cream cone. Love this stuff!

Okay... so what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,073   [-367]
Carbs: 190g   [-8]
Fat: 19g   [-29]
Protein: 50g   [-4]
Sodium: 1,303mg   [-197]

And I am ecstatic! After the huge overage I had yesterday, and then feeling lousy today and not doing anything phyical, I worried another bad day might do me in! So I am so happy with today!

How did your day go?

Did you do any crafting today?

Did you take some time to be with your family?

Shall we meet back here tomorrow for another visit? I'm thinking of making lemon cake to have with tea. Will you join me?

Me today
Dailey Scaley: 270.6
Lost to date: -30.2

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