Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Comes and Thursday Goes

Well, here we are on Thursday evening, and I am exhausted!

I worked all day at getting my Dad’s Christmas book uploaded to the printer and setting up the cover photos. Have to tell you… I am quite pleased with the result! The draft is 650 pages, and that includes a full index of individuals. Plus a special bonus section of military photos.

Yes… I may have finally hit on something he will be totally blown away by for Christmas! [Golly, at least I hope he is!]

I have to tell you… my eating today has been rather non-existent, until dinner, when I kind of gorged on food! Ugh! Hate it when I do that. Then I am too full to even move!

So, let’s start with this morning.

I am trying some “New” alternatives and hope to see some results from them.

Because I had lung cancer in 1997, and have been in remission since, I am always interested in ways to try to holistically keep from that occurring again. I read a report last week that said if a person took 4-tablespoons of pureed asparagus twice a day, this has been shown to inhibit, halt, and even reverse cancer in some cases. So, I purchased asparagus yesterday. Pureed it this morning, and have it in a jar in the refrigerator. Not my favorite way to wake up in the morning… but I’ll give a try. It’s also supposed to help in kidney ailments [I have one kidney that is twice the size of the other, due to large doses of steroids for my lungs].

The next alternative therapy, is for my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. I am to drink a cup of hot water twice a day with 2-tablespoons honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This proved harder to get down than the asparagus! I wasn’t prepared for all of the cinnamon to have settled into the bottom of the cup. Now I know that when I drink this again before bed this evening… I will need to keep stirring this to keep the cinnamon incorporated with the water so as not to have to take it all in a big gulp at the end. [Oh…really nasty! I ended up adding a half cup more of water in order to get it down! Yuck, yuck, yuck!]

Breakfast was a cup of Cheerios, as I studied my Bible and had my devotions.

The back to the computer to work.

Oh, did I mention I also washed three loads of laundry while working? And speaking of my laundry… I have to tell you. Two months ago I switched my laundry from washing in all temperatures to washing only in cold water. Get ready for this! My electricity bill dropped by more than half! Yes sirree! More than half!!! And my clothes are coming out just as clean, without adding any extra detergent. With today’s laundry detergents there really isn’t any need to worry about washing in cold. Love, love, love it! Now I want to get a folding laundry rack to dry my clothes on. We live in a small mobile home park, and we aren’t allowed clothes lines, so, I need something I can set up in my bathroom and dry things like underclothes and small clothing items on. I’m hoping to cut my electric bill even more!

At lunch time I broke and made myself two corn tortillas with rice and bean stuffing. It left me comfortable until time for dinner.

Tonight was one of those old-timey dinners that Mama used to make when she’d worked hard all day and wanted a cheap, quick meal.
I fixed a bag of Great Value frozen buttermilk biscuits, and opened two cans of Libby’s sausage gravy for DH and DD. For myself I had some of the biscuits and ¼ cup of Pioneer’s sausage flavored gravy mix. Let me tell you what piggy’s we were! The bag contains 20 biscuits. I cooked them all. There is only 3 of us, and every single biscuit was eaten! And I can’t blame the other two entirely. I’d eaten so sparingly all day that I was starving. I ate 5 [yes, I know FIVE!!!!] of them. With 1/2 cup of the Pioneer gravy. I know what you’re going to say…that’s not enough gravy for 5 biscuits. You’re right. Two of the biscuits I ate totally plain.

Okay… so I’ve paid a much higher price for Pillsbury’s Grand’s  freezer biscuits. Loved them. But decided to give Great Value an honest try. [Most Great Value things we purchase we love.] Well, these freezer biscuits did not let us down! At $3.38 for 20, that’s only 17-cents a serving. Of course the cost goes up when it tastes so good you act like little pigs! But, hey… we loved the meal! DD said it reminded her of when she was a kid and I used to make homemade biscuits almost every night. [I raised 5 children alone with no financial support from their father. And biscuits went a long way in feeding a large family!]

So… anyway, with the huge dinner… how did my stats hold up for the day?

Calories: 1,355            [-85]

Carbs:  184g                [-14]

Fats:    57g                  [+9]

Protein: 36g               [-18]

Sodium: 3,061mg       [+1561]

Okay… so it was really close with the calories. And I did go over with the fats and sodium. But I can tell you, except for the over-eating part, it was so worth the taste!

Pioneer gravy mixes are totally awesome. If you love the taste and texture of homemade gravy, just like your grandma used to make, then you need to try these mixes! I’m especially fond of the pepper gravy mix, but decided to try the sausage flavored mix this time, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Last evening while watching the Tudor’s on Netflix, I began working on a KAL I doing for Halloween. It’s a mystery dish cloth.

There will be words having to do with Halloween on the face of the cloth when completed. Love these mystery KAL! And as I head back to The Tudor’s again this evening, I’ll be doing today’s portion of the KAL.

Are you working on anything crafty right now?

What are you working on for the holidays?

Okay, so I’m heading back to Netflix. But I will see you back here again tomorrow. Next time, I’m thinking we should have some lemon tea cakes with our Earl Grey. Hmm? See you tomorrow!


Me Today

Daily Scaley: 273.6
Total Lost to Date: -29.2 pounds

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