Friday, September 28, 2012

A Slow and Sleepy Day

It’s been simply one of those days! Thank goodness the weekend has arrived!!!

First of all, last evening I simply could not go to sleep, so I sat up ALL NIGHT LONG! I knitted and watched Borgia on Netflix.  Well, at least I started watching it. Still have a few episodes to go.

I am currently knitting this hand towel. I love hand towels in the bath room, and really can’t see the exorbitant cost of them. I’ve been buying Dollar Tree kitchen towels [plain and brightly colored] to have in my bath room. However, I’d like something a little softer colored, since most of theirs are bright. So, I decided to make them myself. I found this lovely pattern and it works up fast. Simple, and can be done without continuously staring at the pattern! So, a great pattern to make while watching movies!!!

So, I didn’t go to bed until about 6 this morning. And then I slept until noon, when Texican [my DH] decided to wake me. It was so late, I combined my breakfast and lunch together. I scrambled two eggs, and put them on corn tortillas, and then topped them with some Cholula hot sauce. Yum!


I then tried out some Lipton Blackberry Vanilla tea. [This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review]. The tea bags are quite unique. Notice the triangular shape,
which allows more of the ingredients to infuse with the water while steeping. I have to tell you, the aroma of this tea while steeping is like a warm oven baking blackberry cobbler on a winter’s day! Heavenly!!! The tea contains hibiscus flowers which lends a somewhat element of surprise to the flavor. The tongue gets this almost sweet taste of the blackberry and vanilla on the tip and top, but back along the sides of the tongue, one is treated to a tart aftertaste. Quite good! I can see me going to this on a winter’s day. And especially when you want something after dinner, but don’t want the calories of an actual dessert! So yummy!!!

I managed to get my correspondence checked this afternoon, and then headed to the kitchen. There I baked a crustless custard pie. And a loaf of bread.

 Here's my Crustless Custard Pie recipe:
1/4 cup stick margarine
4 eggs
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups milk
2-teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup all purpose flour
Preheat oven to 350-degrees.
Butter a deep dish pie pan.
Place all ingredients except nutmeg in blender. Blend fo 30-seconds.
Pour into the preared pie pan. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.
Baked for 45-minutes.
That's it!

yep, just put the ingredients in the blender...
Blend for 30-seconds.
Then pour into the pie pan....
...sprinkle with nutmeg and bake.

Somehow, the flour goes to the bottom when baking, and you get this yummy crust-like bottom to the custard. [You can see how it "crusts" even the sides!] This is one of the favorites to make in when I just want "something", but without it being overly sweet.

Dinner included elbow macaroni with chunky sauce, and whole canned green beans. Add in the bread and pie, and dinner was wonderful! And I have to tell you… my kitchen smelled wonderful!


So what were my stats for the day?

Calories: 983               [-457]

Carbs: 140g                 [-58]

Fats: 32g                     [-16]

Protein: 39g                           [-15]

Sodium: 1,826mg       [+326]

Okay, this is more like it! Told you yesterday I’d be back on track!!!

I’m heading over to Netflix now to check in on more of the Borgia series. Care to join me?

Well, I understand. These kinds of shows are an acquired taste I suppose. [You really have to enjoy not only drama, but history as well.] So, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. We’ll share something hot to drink, and a scone.

See you then! Have a great evening all!


Me Today

Dailey Scaley: 264.0

Total Lost to Date: -38.8 pounds

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