Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Great Day!

Another busy, busy day. Just not at the computer keyboard!

DH and I began this morning with a cup of coffee [him] and a cup of tea [me] together at the kitchen table. Without a formal dining table, this is where we have all of our meals. [I’ll have to try and remember to get a picture of our table for you.]

I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling absolutely woozy. Almost as if I am about to pass out. So, I rush to make some breakfast, and about 20-minutes after eating it, I began to come out of that feeling. This morning I found out why.

Yeah, you’ve probably already figured it out, smarty pants! I checked my blood sugar, and it was down to only 54 this morning! Seem with the lower consumption, late nights, and even later mornings… my blood sugar is dropping very low between dinner [roughly 6 to 7 pm] and the late breakfasts I’ve been getting [about 10 am]. 15-16 hours between low caloric meals??? Not a good thing! So, I’m thinking maybe when I have those really late nights I should have some tea and crackers before crawling in bed. Maybe that will eliminate some of that problem.

About 11:30 [much later than I had hoped for!], DD and I headed out to do our marketing. We made a stop at McDonald’s. For a medium Smoothie.
Mango-Pineapple! I had a coupon for buy one get one free. Oh my goodness! Totally awesome goodness! And the 278 calories? Well, considering that we skipped lunch for this goodie…I’m not over complaining.  However, I probably won’t indulge again, as there is a high content of sugar. 42g in fact! Youch!!!

We did our marketing, and I even bought another pantry cupboard. I am going to put it up in the hallway, and we are going to use it to store emergency food stuffs in. Things that won’t require any cooking, or minimal cooking on the propane heater, in case of power outages. [That 10-days back on June 29th really taught me to be prepared!]

We didn’t get home until 3:30 in the evening. By the time I got groceries stored and put away, I was feeling a little hungry again. So… I took some saltines and added some peanut butter. Just enough to hold me over until dinner.

Marketing always wears me out. I have a lot of problems with my back and leg hurting. So, I have to take pain medication when I get home. Which means I am usually zonked. So, easy-peasy dinners on marketing day are the rule in this house!

I took canned crescent rolls, deli shaved ham, and grated taco blend cheese and made ham and cheese roll ups for DH and DD, with ruffled chips on the side. And me???

I had Morning Star brand chicken nuggets [soy meat substitute], and string cheese. Not exactly low cal, but I had saved the calories today just for this dinner! I’ll be a good girl again tomorrow!

So what’s my stats for the day?

Calories: 1,428            [-12]

Carbs: 123g                 [-75]

Fats: 76g                     [+28]

Protein: 77g               [+23]

Sodium: 3,349mg       [+1,849]


I’ll be more vigilant tomorrow!

I’ll tell you more about our day tomorrow.

Until then, I wish you pleasant dreams! Let’s meet back here for tea in the morning!

Me Today

Daily Scaley: 276.6

Lost to Date: -26.2 pounds

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