Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Surviving Another Day

I’ve made it through yet another day! Woo-hoo!

I really wondered, when starting this journey, almost three weeks ago, if I could continue. But I surpassed myself yesterday! I really did!

At lunch time, DD was home and asked if she could buy DH and I lunch from Hardee’s. [It’s the closest fast food type eatery to our home.] She hardly ever offers to buy, so when she did, I jumped and said ‘Of course!’

But then I thought about it. Did I really want to eat something from there? The calories are significant! Not to mention the fats! Even when going meatless. So I amended my decision, and told her, “Not for me, but get you and Dad something.”

Hey, I was so proud of myself for having enough restraint to turn down fast food!

So, instead, I took a left over baked potato, diced it, pan fried it in 2-teaspoons of margarine, then added a whisked egg. Oila! And it never tasted so good!!!

For dinner we had….

…macaroni and spaghetti sauce, with green beans and a serving of cornbread.

So… how were my stats for the day?

Calories:          1,170               [-270]

Carbs:              170g                [-28]

Fats:                37g                  [-11]

Proteins:         43g                  [-11]

Sodium:          1,559mg          [+59]


If I had given in and ate the fast food with DD… I could never have maintained my current stats! So a big pat on the back to myself!

I did manage to finish putting the documents and photos into my project for my Dad’s Christmas gift. And I am now typing up the index of individuals for the book. Once that is done, I will proof-read and edit as necessary, and then it will be off to the printers!

And then… on to other Christmas projects!

Are you working on projects for Christmas? Do you make any gifts yourself, or do you purchase all of your Christmas gifts for giving?

Do you have something in special in mind for your significant other this year? [I’m still clueless for DH!]

Well, let’s meet back here tomorrow for say some lemon grass tea and perhaps a cranberry scone?
Lost to Date: -25.2 pounds

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