Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Isn't Such A Bad Day...

Another great day.

I have begin working on my Mother’s Christmas gift now, which is similar to the book I made for my Dad. It will contain photographs and documents that we have collected for her side of the family. Love how nice these books are turning out!

I have yet to finish up today’s KAL [Knit a-long] on the Halloween dishcloth. It is the final day. But I will complete it while I watch movies this evening on Netflix.

I am still in the midst of The Tudors, and enjoying every show. I just finished the episode where Anne Bolyne was executed. I have read several books on Anne Boleyn, but never read anything where she was as conniving as the BBC production made her out to be. Still, it made for fantastic entertainment.

I was not feeling well when I first got up this morning, so I drank my morning “mead” [2-tablespoons of honey with a scant teaspoon of cinnamon powder in hot water]. I’ve been drinking this for 6 days now, and I swear by it! My arthritis pain is almost gone!!!

Still, I did not feel well this morning, so I drank my hot drink, and returned to bed for a couple of more hours. I awoke and felt much better. Although still a bit out of sorts. [DH has had the same problem for the past couple of days.]

I didn’t eat any breakfast at that late hour, instead waiting until noon. Then I ate 4 corn tortillas with a half cup of left over pinto beans [mashed] with a half cup of long grain white rice. I added some Cholula for seasoning. Yummy!

For dinner, I took two Walmart dinner rolls, and 2 Morning Star garden veggie burgers and made myself dinner burgers.
I then made French fries by peeling a russet potato, and cutting it into fries; then spraying it with PAM and baking for 25 minutes at 400-degrees Fahrenheit. Yummy!

So what were stats for the day?

Calories: 1,345  [-95]

Carbs: 208g  [+10]

Fats: 39g  [-9]

Protein: 48g   [-6]

Sodium: 1648mg  [+148]

All in all a rather good day!

And now, please forgive me as I find out what next happens in The Tudors series!

Let’s meet back here tomorrow. We’ll share a little lemongrass tea and a slice of banana bread. Okay?

Me Today

Daily Scaley: 269.8

Lost to Date: 33 pounds

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