Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Triumphant Day

    If you’re coming back after that horrendous re-entry into the world of Texicanwife yesterday, bless you my dears!

    I have been rather busy of late, beginning my Christmas crafts and doing what I do best in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Oh, yes! They are just around the corner! And I for one can’t wait for all the yummy goodies that come at the season! The excitement in the air of gift-giving! And this year… I’ve been working on super special gifts for my family members!!!

    I’ve finished my first children’s book, and the rough, unedited copy has been printed for my two youngest children for Christmas gifts. The book is titled, “Henry and the Christmas Pickle”. At present we are in the works with an illustrator, Andrew Custer [and our beloved nephew] who will be providing the artwork for the book. I’ll keep you updated on the books availability. I am praying we will be able to get it out for the holidays.

    The book is actual story that my Opa [that’s German for grandfather] told me as a child. I wanted to share it with my children, and the world.

    Next, I am working on a photo book for my Dad for Christmas. [Dad is 75 years old.] The book will contain copies of all of the photographs and documents and records we have on our family’s history. It’s a huge book. Over 700 pages. I am finishing up the rough copy of that, and will soon be getting it out to the printers.

    I just finished writing a family genealogy for my cousin. It is on her mother’s side of the family, or the side that is not related to me. I did several months of intense research for that one. And will have her book ready shortly. I am simply proof-reading that now. I hope to finish it up and have it at the printers by Monday.

    And I am working on another fiction novel. It is the first in a genealogy series of paperbacks. This first one is geared more toward the teen reader. I haven’t as yet come up with a name for it. But it’s coming along well, and will be a Christmas gift for my three teen granddaughters.

    This morning, I awoke late, so DH and I had a cup of yogurt and our coffee for breakfast.

    When lunch time came around, DH was out. So I fixed a super stuffer shell taco, with refried beans, green salad mix, chunky salsa and sour cream. It was absolutely yummy!

    Then for dinner…


…I had 2 Morning Star Garden Veggie Burgers, ¼ cup macaroni and cheese, and 1 ½ cup whole leaf spinach [canned]. I managed to get the Morning Star  burgers at a ridiculously low price! One of the local markets had Morning Star products 2 for $5 [regularly $3.29 a pack]. Plus I had a $1-Off coupon, making my total $4. I had less than a serving of the macaroni and cheese, so my portion came to .05 cents. And the spinach was equal to a whole can, which was .69 cents. The total per person for this meal? $2.74 Now how is that for a bargain???? [DH and DD had fried Treet since they have no problems in digesting meat. The cost of their individual meal? $1.23 each. Yep, you read that correctly! $1.23 each!!!]

    So, how do my stats hold up for the day?

Calories: 875  [-565]

Carbs:  121g    [-77]

Fats:    23g      [-25]

Protein: 45g   [-9]

Sodium: 2,394mg  [+894]

    Well, I was WAY under on my caloric intake. I really need to try to keep it between 1200-1400. I did very well on the carbs , fat, and protein. But the sodium is higher than I like. I like to keep it under 1,500mg per day. But when you use canned veggies, you’ll see that you sometimes go over. Still, all in all I won’t complain. A great day!

    Tomorrow I will be having Morning Star chicken patties for dinner, with a baked potato and green beans.

    Do you plan your menu ahead of time?

    I use the free printable calendars at Free Printables and each week plan out my menu, write it in the calendar, and then place the menu on the side of the fridge in the kitchen; this not only keeps me on track, but assists me in writing up my grocery list.

    I also use their FreePrintables grocery list. Simply print it out on the computer, and you’ve got free shopping lists! [I use A LOT of their templates!]

    I’ve been asked how I can keep my house so clean, and still stay on track, since I work from home. Simple. I utilize FlyLady. If you haven’t discovered how great she is, head on over now and you’ll be so glad you did! Simply jump in with the current day, and before you know it, your home will be lovely and ready for any unexpected guest!

    So, I’m going to close this post for now, and get back to proofing this genealogy!

   Before I do, however…

…the daily me.

Daily Scaley


[I’m down 18 pounds!!!! Woo-Hoo!]
    I'll see back here tomorrow! Let's share an after dinner coffee together!

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