Saturday, September 15, 2012

The New Me

I left the blogging world for a few months to get back to the old me. The me who needed to work on things just for me.

I had spread myself too thin. Involved myself in the pursuit of others, rather than catering to my own needs.

But I am back. Not to the old me, but to a new and improved me.

I let myself fall back into old eating habits and gained back almost everything I had worked so hard to achieve with my body. Fell back in to a pit of obesity, pain, and disgust.

I suffer from hypertension and chronic pain from fibromylagia and degenerative bone disease. Weight is the worst enemy for me.

Not only that, but I have chronic lung problems. The weight only exacerbates this.

I take 6 different medications a day to function.

I am 52 [almost 53] years of age.

I fell hard this year. Really hard.

But I am picking myself up. Shaking the dust [or is that mud] from my backside. And I am working on a new and improved me.

Not just physically. But emotionally. Spiritually.

I don't ask you to run the whole race with me. But if you'd drop by from time to time...maybe lend an ear, and dose of encouragement, I would surely appreciate it.

I hope to touch on what affects alot of women my age as we embark on this journey:

Health, menopause, diet, nutrition, cooking, exercise, spirituality, caring for a home, retirement, children and grandchildren, music, finances and economy. As well as providing you with reviews on products I may try. I can promise you I'll always speak from the heart, and I'll always tell you the truth.

I look forward to sharing some time with you.

I'll meet you back here tomorrow, where we'll start our journey new.

Me - 9/14/2012
Dailey Scaley: 285.0

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  1. I'll be checking in from time to time - looks like we have some of the same issues! I've struggled with my weight pretty much all of my adult life, too. And I also have health problems that make it imperative for me to get the scale going in a downward direction. My daily Scaley is at 165 at this point, but was over 200 when I had my last aortic valve replacement. Which is good, but right now I'm and a month-long plateau, and that's discouraging. I guess I need to have and to be an encourager. :O)